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BMB is a locally owned and operated billing company in Frisco, Texas. We handle many specialties with practices located in over 20 States, but originally started as the specialty biller to a fast-growing Freestanding ER and Urgent Care Group located in Texas. Emergency Medicine continues to be the cornerstone of our portfolio.

Blitz Medical Billing is a proud selected partner of AdvancedMD, a leader in Practice Management software providing a 100% cloud-based HIPAA and HiTech Compliant platform.

How’s the NSA affecting your business?

So many emergency medicine billers had their eye off the ball when the No Surprise Act went into effect on January 1, 2022, that their clients are now left wondering where the money has gone. Being Texas-based with extensive OON billing background, BMB was able to draw on our experience to quickly implement processes to identify and submit claims for NSA review. Our ER staffers worked tirelessly throughout 2022 to stay at the forefront of NSA, spending countless hours documenting submission processes by payer and state.

Simply submitting claims for review and knowing what to ask for, can yield additional payments without going to arbitration! Missing out on these time sensitive submissions allows the payers to get away with degrading reimbursements, and money lost by missing NSA deadlines is lost forever.

Do you know what’s going on with your billing? Find out in minutes.

BMB provides a daily reconciliation report that shows charges and payments by date of service and by date of entry. BMB also provides dashboards with up to date financial information transforming your practice data into meaningful analytics to help you make better, more informed decisions. You can view financial performance by location, physician, or payer. The best part is your practice’s data is yours to export into the platform of your choice allowing you the flexibility you need to report back to your partners.

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