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Blitz Medical Billing is changing the medical billing industry by reversing the declining revenues and frustrating insurance claim processes with the latest methods and technology—and we do it all with a personal touch. Your personal BMB concierge will work every claim from submission to payment posting so you can focus on your patients.

Blitz Medical Billing is a proud selected partner of AdvancedMD, a leader in Practice Management software providing a 100% cloud-based HIPAA and HiTech Compliant platform.

Your passion isn’t paperwork.

Your passion is serving the people in your community. It’s not chasing claims. Our full-service billing company offers personal attention to practices of all sizes, so you can do what you love and trust us to handle the billing.

Get the attention you deserve.

Every size practice deserves a service-first approach.

BMB offers a level of personal attention and long-term stability thanks to our private company’s client-centered structure.

Every BMB account is assigned their own team who will study and process every aspect of your revenue cycle and develop strategies for claim appeals to maximize your collections. Our cheerful team will get to know your staff on a first name basis as they work together to resolve any issues and improve processes. We anticipate issues and keep you up to date, so you can put your focus where it matters most. And you can call anytime to discuss your practice with your dedicated BMB concierge.

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Do you know what’s going on with your billing? Find out in minutes.

BMB provides a daily reconciliation report that shows charges and payments by date of service and by date of entry. BMB also provides dashboards with up to date financial information transforming your practice data into meaningful analytics to help you make better, more informed decisions. You can view financial performance by location, physician, or payer. The best part is your practice’s data is yours to export into the platform of your choice allowing you the flexibility you need to report back to your partners.

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