How long have you been in business?

We opened our doors on January 1, 2017 and have grown steadily since then. Several members of the team have been with us since we started out with our first client in a one-room office and we are as fully committed to providing the highest level of attention to detail and client satisfaction today as we were on day one.

What differentiates you from other billing companies?
  • Commitment to a full-service model that includes tracking provider enrollments, setting up toll-free patient lines, handling attorney and medical records, monitoring abnormal and underpayments for any opportunity to improve collections, and so much more.
  • Client-based organizational structure, which gives each employee a sense of ownership for the business they serve and provides a consistent point of contact for the provider as well as their patients.
  • State of the Art Dashboard reporting that delivers transparency into the revenue cycle and puts providers in the driver’s seat when it comes to understanding and managing their business.
What specialties do you bill?

BMB originally started as the specialty biller to a fast-growing ER and Urgent Care Group located in Texas and later added Anesthesia, Lab, and Physical Therapy to our portfolio. We currently provide medical billing services to clients spanning ten specialties in over fifteen States.

Can you walk me through your billing process?

BMB will code and bill claims within 24-72 hours after we have received a completed chart.  We can resubmit claims multiple times per day as needed to reduce and eliminate delays.  We also perform monthly and quarterly look backs to verify claims have been received and paid.  Each account is set up with their own team of employees who will know your account from the front desk to the appeals process. Finally, we will communicate directly with your intake staff for insurance updates and to communicate rejections and denials due to coding.


Will I experience a cash delay at startup?

BMB’s credentialing team will start working long before your go-live date to ensure all providers are correctly tied to the group from day one, eliminating cash flow delays from the payers. The team will track when providers are due for reenrollment and ensure no delays in cash flow.

How do you improve collections for my practice?

Our unique organizational structure combined with best-in-class reporting positions us to identify and work underpayments and denials. We are happy to share performance results and can also furnish references on request.

What type of reports do you offer?

BMB has a dedicated IT team with knowledge to produce client specific reports for you. Our standard reports include an Executive Summary, RVU, Aged AR Charges, Payer Mix, Coding Distribution, Payments and Adjustments. We look at data by Date of Service and by Posting Date. This way you can get a complete picture of how you are actually doing by patient.

BMB also has developed reports to track projections on a monthly basis. This valuable tool makes it much easier to budget and track collections each month and to forecast out 2-3 months at a time. We review past history and provide feedback to support this process.

Can you produce special reports?

Special report requests can be fulfilled if data is available for capture. We offer extensive Reporting through our State of the Art Dashboard. Please feel free to see the reporting tab on our website for samples and call us if you’d like to see more.

How often do you send reports to our group?

The dashboard on your portal is updated continuously. We will also send reports at the end of every month once the bank statement has been reconciled.

Do you provide MIP's tracking?

Yes, we will make sure your MIP’s are accurately tracked and reported.

How many people will touch my account?

BMB teams typically range in size from 2-5 people depending on the account so that you, your staff, and your patients will consistently be able to reach someone who is familiar with and empowered to make decisions about your account.

How do you communicate with my staff?

We can call or email your staff. We can also set up regular meetings at intervals directed by you.

Who will be handling patient calls related to billing?

We will provide you with a toll free phone number and email address that you can share with patients. Someone who works your account will answer calls or respond to billing inquiries within one business day.

We have a lot of patients who only speak Spanish. How will you handle that?

The CEO of BMB along with several of our billing specialists are fluently bilingual and able to communicate by telephone and in writing to clearly explain the billing process and answer any questions. Any account with a high percentage of Spanish speaking patients is assigned to a Spanish speaker.

Who will be handling medical records requests?

BMB will handle all attorney and medical record requests promptly and professionally on your behalf. This process is very time consuming and adds unnecessary work for your staff. We can also notarize any documents when needed.

How do you post payments?

BMB posts payments only when deposits are confirmed on the bank statement and reconciled to the EOB. This is the highest possible standard for accuracy to ensure that all payments are accounted for and that each payer is providing accurate information. For accounts that are priced on a commission basis, BMB charges only on collections that have been deposited and reconciled.

What is your pricing?

We offer a variety of pricing models depending on your business model and size of your practice. Some practices, particularly if they have very low patient volume, might be put on a flat rate or per chart model while larger practices are typically priced on a commission basis.

How has COVID-19 affected your workflow?

Your business is essential for lives and livelihoods so our 100% US based team has always been and continues to be in the office, living our service-first philosophy so we can remain 100% committed to our clients.

What’s an EOB and why did I get one?

EOB stands for Explanation of Benefits and it is NOT a bill. It is a letter from your insurance company explaining that a charge has been filed and includes a preliminary estimate of the amount you might have to pay for your visit. It’s possible for a patient to receive several EOB’s with varying amounts for the same visit. All this means is that we are hard at work advocating for the LOWEST possible patient responsibility so sit tight until you receive a statement and feel free to call us anytime for an update on how it’s going.

Why are different parties billing me for a single visit?

Depending on the type of visit you had, you could receive bills from several different parties. For example, a typical ER visit could result in a Facility bill from the ER and a professional services bill from EACH of the professionals who treated you during your visit such as ER Doctor, Radiologist, and Laboratory Services. A procedure requiring sedation could result in a Facility bill and a professional services bill from your Doctor as well as your Anesthesiologist.

Why did I receive a letter from BMB asking me to contact my Insurance provider?

There are times when the Insurance provider has questions that can only be answered by the patient or designated patient representative about the nature of your visit. When we ask for your help with this process it’s because we are working to advocate for the LOWEST possible patient responsibility so please help us out by complying with these requests. If you give us a call, we’ll be happy to walk you through exactly what you need to do to help us help you with your bill.

I just received a notice that my Insurance was billed for a visit that I wanted to handle as cash-pay. What now?

Sometimes mistakes are made in which a location offers a cash price, but includes insurance information on the chart, which results in the insurance being billed. If this happens to you, just give us a call and we’ll work to have the charge reversed.

I just got a bill for a visit that took place months ago. Why did it take so long?

The appeals process can be very time-consuming depending on the nature of your visit. A lengthy delay between your date of service and date of billing usually means we had to work very hard to reduce your patient responsibility to the lowest possible amount. If you have questions about your bill, please call us and we’ll be glad to walk you through it.

Do you offer payment plans?

We offer payment plans in accordance with the guidelines determined by your provider. Please call us so we can discuss your specific situation and determine the most appropriate plan for you.

¿Que significa EOB? ¿Y porque la recibí?

EOB significa Explicación de Cubertura y NO ES una factura. Es una comunicación de su Póliza de Aseguranza explicando que un cargo fue sometido e incluye un estimado preliminar del posible cargo por su visita. Es posible que un solo paciente reciba múltiples EOB’s declarando cargos por una sola visita lo cual significa que nosotros estamos haciendo todo lo posible por negociar el cargo mas bajo posible por el servicio que ha recibido. Le rogamos no pagar la cuenta hasta que haya recibido una factura o “Statement” y que nos llame con cualquier duda.

¿No entiendo porque estoy recibiendo noticias de múltiples partidos sobre una sola visita?

Dependiente de la visita, es posible recibir múltiples facturas. Por ejemplo, una visita de emergencia resulta con una factura del hospital y una factura por cada proveedor de servicio incluyendo el Medico de Salón, Radiólogo, y Laboratorio. Una visita con sedación puede resultar en una factura de la facilidad, una del Medico, y otra del Anestesiólogo.

¿No entiendo porque he recibido una carta de BMB pidiendo que me ponga en contacto con la Póliza de Aseguranza?

Hay ocasiones en las que el proveedor de la póliza tiene preguntas que solo pueden ser contestadas por el paciente o su representativo. Cuando pedimos ayuda, es porque hemos hecho todo lo posible por reducir su cuenta y hemos llegado a un momento en que su ayuda es imprescindible. Háganos el favor de ayudarnos en estos instantes para que logremos la factura con mayor reducción. Si nos puede llamar, haremos todo lo posible por explicar la situación y ayudarle cumplir con su parte.

Me acabo de enterar que mi Póliza de Aseguranza fue cobrada por mi visita, pero yo prefiero pagar la cuenta en efectivo sin Seguro. ¿Ahora que debo hacer?

A veces sucede una equivocación en que la facilidad ofrece un precio especial por pagar en efectivo pero como su historial incluye información sobre la Póliza de Aseguranza, mandamos la carga sin enterarnos de su intención. Si esto sucede, solo tiene que llamarnos para que podamos resolver la situación invirtiendo la carga.

Acabo de recibir una factura por una visita que ocurrió varios meces atrás. ¿Por qué tardó tanto la factura?

El proceso de apelaciones por una sola visita puede tardar mucho tiempo dependiente del tipo y complejidad de visita. Una gran demora casi siempre indica que tuvimos que luchar mucho por reducir su responsabilidad con máximo beneficio para usted. Si tiene preguntas sobre su factura, no dude en llamarnos.

¿Se ofrecen planes de pago?

Ofrecemos planes en acuerdo con las pautas que recibimos de su profesional medico. No dude en llamarnos para discutir su situación particular y determinar el plan mas adecuado.

What’s it like working at BMB?

At BMB we take our work very seriously, but we try not to be too serious at work! We have theme days, monthly luncheons, and birthday celebrations. On the business side, we also have weekly meetings to discuss account performance, share ideas about best practices, and celebrate any big collections as a group.

How much experience do I need in billing to qualify for a position?

We offer internships and training positions for people with no experience, but who are smart, self-starters with a desire to learn about medical billing.

Are there opportunities for development at BMB?

Yes, there are opportunities to work across a variety of specialties and roles in billing or into related positions such as credentialing or business analytics. There are always opportunities to learn and advance.

What is your dress code?

We are at the casual end of business casual.

What are your working hours?

Our office is open Monday through Friday from 7 am-6 pm. All employees work a full eight-hour shift each day but are usually able to set their own start time with approval from their manager.

Do you allow people to work from home?

Our staff primarily works on site where we can easily and quickly answer questions and learn from one another to optimize account performance, however, once employees have been with the Company for a period of at least six months they might be allowed to work one day per week from home to save on drive time and expenses.

How are you handling concerns about COVID-19 in your office?

We have open floor plans and many desks are mobile, allowing individuals to select a workspace where they feel comfortable.  Masks are not required while at work and we recognize that it’s not our business to know your vaccine status for COVID or any other personal health information.

What kinds of benefits and vacation do you offer?


  • BMB works with a broker who helps employees procure affordable health insurance. We also offer a robust supplemental insurance package that includes Accident, Cancer Care, Critical Illness, Hospital, Life, Short Term Disability, Vision, and Dental. All employees are eligible to participate in the Company 401k plan beginning on their second pay period.

Time Off:

  • Full-time employees earn up to three weeks per year of personal time off and two floating holidays on the first day of each year for use in that calendar year.